Scientists managed to grow a tree from what might just be the oldest seed ever to sprout. This little sapling popped up from a 2,000-year-old date palm found at Masada, a spot in Israel famous for its cliff-top fortress where ancient folks apparently chose to end it rather than surrender to the Romans. They named […]

Late Again? Real reasons why some people are always late

Alright, apologies for the wait. Here’s the lowdown: I’ve got this annoying habit of running late sometimes. It bothers others more than it does me, honestly.

But why is that? Author Grace Pacey delved into this topic to tackle her own struggles with punctuality. She talks about two types of people: “time keepers,” who are all about being on time, and “time benders,” like me, who prefer to live in the moment and dislike sticking to routines.

Pacey suggests that us time benders perceive time differently. We can lose track of it when we’re engrossed in something but can shift into high gear when a deadline approaches.

A study from Washington University supports this, showing that some people are naturally better at estimating time and planning ahead. But for me, being on time isn’t always a hassle—like, I’m usually good with important stuff like catching flights or trains. It’s the everyday things, like getting my daughter to nursery or making it to social events, where I slip up.

Pacey’s research indicates that we’re not consistently late; it depends on the significance of the event and the consequences of being late. Knowing this, it’s evident that setting meaningful deadlines with real consequences is crucial.

Social expectations also play a role in our punctuality. If your friends expect you to be late, chances are you will be. It’s like a self-fulfilling prophecy.

The good news? Psychology tells us we can change. By adopting habits that naturally conscientious people have, like keeping schedules and staying organized, we can improve our punctuality.

So, while being a time bender might be part of our nature, it doesn’t mean we’re destined to always be late. With some effort, we can get better at being on time and focus on what truly matters.

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